Designed with our little ones in mind

Our products are curated with the intent to support the needs of our active children, without ever compromising on comfort and style.

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  • - Huiyi

    "My child would insist to wear the shoes everyday, even when she had outgrown them! We then decided to purchase more in the next 2 sizes."

  • - Des

    "The workmanship is so good! Will definitely buy for my mummy friends."

  • - Aud

    "One of the reasons why I get quality shoes for my child is to better support her development. I'm so glad for your line of shoes, they are perfect!"

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Our Story

With March Love was founded from an inspiration I had while searching for good footwear for my daughter, who was an early walker at 10 months. She was also born with Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV), which made my selection for footwear even more stringent. 

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