1. I received the wrong shoe size/color, what should I do?

Please kindly drop us an email at withmarchlove@gmail.com, or a direct message on our Instagram account @withmarchlove. Do remember to provide your order details such as the confirmation number, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to replace your product with the correct order! 


2. How do I clean and care for these leather shoes?

Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and let it dry in a cool and dry place. If frequently used, it is suggested to store them in a well ventilated shoe cabinet. Otherwise, do store them in a cloth bag of a breathable material.


3. Do the shoes come in sizes and colors that are not listed on the website?

We are open to catering to more children (or even adults!) of sizes that are currently not available yet. Do drop us your suggestions via email or Instagram direct massage, we will be happy to chat! 


4. Why is the product priced as such?

Our shoes are made of genuine, non-toxic, cow-hide leather. We chose a type that is soft and easier for children to break in, without compromising support. We believe that our children deserve good foot wear that are made to last, not just through the years but also to withstand their daily activities. Our shoes are also designed to provide good support, especially for children who may be tip-toe walkers (lock that heel in with the top strap!). We believe that our price point is well balanced and a good reflection of aesthetics, quality, and comfort. 


 5. Why are there some creases on the leather?

As genuine leather is used to manufacture the shoe, there might be slight creases especially around the edges/transitional spots. We try our best to retain the shape of the shoe by holding it up with lots of paper stuffing! Do note that most pairs will not be 100% perfect looking, and that's part of the shoe character that leather offers. 

Do also note that it will take about 2-4 weeks on average to break into a leather shoe. 

As some parts of the leather are hand cut and hand sewn, do expect some asymmetries as well. Our shoes are hand made with love, and we hope you will appreciate the craft and product as much as we do. 



1. What are the delivery options available?

For the shoes, we provide courier shipping to your door step! Due to the size of the package, we are unable to post it via regular mail. However, if you do need them urgently and wish for a same day/next day delivery, do contact us and we will specially arrange it for you.

For the socks, we have normal or registered mail available as delivery options during check out.


2. How long will my order take to arrive?

Your order will arrive between 1 - 3 working days. 


3. The shoes do not fit my child, can I opt for a refund or exchange?

In view of hygiene concerns, once the shoes have been worn, we will not accept exchange/refund. If you would like to exchange for size/color, it is only possible if the shoes have not been worn. Do note that additional delivery charges may apply during an exchange. 


For any other questions or concerns, please kindly contact us via email withmarchlove@gmail.com, or a direct message via Instagram @withmarchlove.

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