With March Love, from us to you


With March Love aims to create specially curated products that children and parents will love and benefit from. We ensure that our products serve a bigger purpose - beyond being a footwear or apparel, it supports the development of our children. We hope to journey with you as a family as we grow ours. 


About us

With March Love was founded from an inspiration I had while searching for good footwear for my daughter, who was an early walker at 10 months. She was also born with Congenital Talipes Equinovarus (CTEV), which made my selection for footwear even more stringent. 

I knew that her first shoes had to check a few criteria: 

  • Lightweight but with soles that were firm and supportive
  • Anti-slip outsole
  • Velcro straps to allow for ease of wear, and good ankle coverage to reduce slippage 

But alas, the ones that fulfilled my criteria cost a bomb! Raising a kid in Singapore is not easy on the pocketbook, and if I were to invest in items that would benefit her, I had to be convinced of its worth.

So, I personally designed the one pair of shoes I would be happy to put my child in. One, two, buckle my leather shoe embodies everything I wanted in a children shoe. Plus point, my child has been running perfect in them without trying to take them off, ever!


As our customer

Parents often fret over buying appropriate footwear - with questions on where, when, and why. Not to forget, comfort is just as important! As our children grow older, they also start to have preferences and want certain colors/style.

We understand that there are so many needs to be met, and we try our best to meet those in our products. You will be able to find a good selection of colors that are easy to match, quality and comfort of the shoe are also aspects that we do not compromise on. You will not regret purchasing them for your child. 


Our vision

Before the final product comes to light, multiple rounds of product modification/sampling were done to ensure that the material, fit, and aesthetic were customized to the best version possible. I designed these leather shoes with my own child in mind, and I hope that they will fit and serve your child well too. Mother to mother, it is the least I hope I could do for you - to see them grow in these shoes, every step of the way. 

As we expand as a brand, we will work hard to bring you more products that are well worth your investment. We produce in small quantities to ensure quality control, and pride ourselves on providing designs that are classic and one of a kind in this world. 


If there is anything else you think could be improved on, drop us a DM! 


Disclaimer: With March Love is not a brand that is tied to any specific medical institution, nor do we promote shoes that aim to correct deformity/have arch creating properties. Please exercise your own judgement.