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With March Love

Buds & Blooms Sandals - Thistle

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The perfect pair of sandals for your active little one!

Made from high quality and non-toxic leather, this pair retains the ankle support aspect of our One, two, buckle my T-bar leather shoe. With adjustable buckles secured via velcro straps, it will accommodate children of varying ankle girths.

Our sandals boast a grooved outsole that is anti-skid, and an insole that is made of vegetable leather. Both bases provide water-resistance to withstand weather changes so your child can be outdoors without a worry, even at the beach!

An intentional open-toe design also allows for better ventilation, and a guarantee that your child’s toes will not be subjected to any compression width wise. 

Comes in 3 color combinations - Hoya, Thistle, Lantanas  

Fits children 3 years and under, find the correct sizing here!